TN-01 Black (571)
  • TN-01 Black (571)
  • TN-04 Charcoal (558)
  • TN-06 Forest Green (579)
  • TN-09 Silver Gray (567)
  • TN-10 Tan (570)
  • TN-11 Taupe (559)
  • TN-12 White (568)
  • Top Notch Logo

Top Notch - Standard Colors

TN-01, TN-02, TN-04, TN-06, TN-09, TN-10, TN-11, TN-12

* Color

Product Info

TOP NOTCH®, raising the bar on solution dyed fabrics.

TOP NOTCH® is a 100% solution dyed polyester fabric (840 denier) with a fluorocarbon finish, resulting in a fabric that is breathable, reversible, water repellent and has a luxurious hand. Because the yarn is solution dyed, color fastness is exceptional. TOP NOTCH® is the ultimate fabric that combines strength, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability and UV resistance.

The solution dyed polyester fabric won't fade and provides superior strength compared to other solution dyed fabrics. Because of this, it is ideal for any application.

Typical Properties:

  • 60" Wide
  • 50 Yard rolls
  • 11.5 oz/sq yd
  • Tensile tear: 500+ x 305
  • Tongue tear: 46 x 38
  • Spray rating: 100
  • 3 drop rating: 36 cm 
  • 8 year warranty


  • Colorfast and UV resistance
  • Stronger than acrylics
  • Better abrasion resistance than acrylics
  • Keeps appearance for years
  • Dimensionally stable, won't sag or stretch
  • High water resistance
  • Mildew resistant

Visit Marlen Textiles for Care & Cleaning.

TOP NOTCH® is a registered trademark of Marlen Textiles.


Many outdoor applications such as:

  • Marine tops
  • Trailer covers
  • Awnings
  • Gazebos
  • Canopies
  • Patio furniture
  • And anywhere that a reversible and breathable fabric is needed.


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